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things i love

A couple of months ago, I started to jot down some things that I wholeheartedly love. And by love, I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Get the point? I thought so. To be quite frank, I have absolutely no idea what to write about. I have decided to share some (A TON) of things that I love, in hopes that you’ll get a better feel for who this totally random, weird girl is that you’re reading words from.

Here are quite a few things that I love…

one- Jesus

two- people

three- young life

four- chipotle (specifically & only my homies on np parkway)

five- backpacks

six- flowers!!!

seven- new york

eight- music

nine- pretty colors!!!

ten- my “in my head…” pinterest board

eleven- sunshine

twelve- books

thirteen- transparent conversation

fourteen- summer nights + windows down

fifteen- peace

sixteen- raspberry lime king of pops popsicles

seventeen- birkenstocks!!!

eighteen- dalmatians

nineteen- camp

twenty- traveling

twenty one- cats (i used to be terrified of them, but now i am OBSESSED???)

twenty two- true friendship

twenty two- bumper stickers

twenty three- room temperature chocolate chip cookies

twenty four- stripes

twenty five- the noise that my iPhone used to make when i typed (before the new update)

twenty six- the t.v. show ‘riverdale’

twenty seven- not wearing makeup

twenty eight- trees

twenty nine- oceans

thirty- the feeling you get when people believe in you

thirty one- confidence

thirty two- positivity

thirty three- WATERMELON SORBET!!! (lol i love sorbet)

thirty four- LEMON GELATO!!! (lol i love gelato)

thirty five- walking out of the garage, in the shade, and straight vibing with the temperature

thirty six- tee shirts

thirty seven- patagonia shorts

thirty eight- the local church

thirty nine- soft grass

forty- how my face feels after a nice wash

forty one- my parents

forty two- independence

forty three- finishing a terrible book (i have to finish every single book that i start)

forty four- swimming in the ocean when you can see the ocean floor, but can’t touch

forty five- the feeling of water between my toes

forty six- riding my bike

forty seven- black & white tiled floor

forty eight- honey nut cheerios

forty nine- walking around in the city

fifty- the subway


I hope that this post gives you a better idea of who I am.

– From the girl who loves yellow


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