A Peek Inside My Brain
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young body, old soul.

I’m currently seated at Starbucks listening to a jazz music playlist on Spotify. I’ve just recently acquired an ear for jazz.

Anyways, when I walked in, a paper copy of the ‘New York Times’ held by a beautiful, youthful looking woman with the richest skin, caught my eye. I couldn’t help but comment on the fact that she was reading a PAPER newspaper (She was so very sweet- I do recommend talking to strangers)! It seems as though everything is going electronic these days and to be completely honest, I just can’t make the switch. There’s just something about a crisp page. Who’s with me?! I was captivated by how she was lost in the ‘Business & Finance’ column. My mind immediately rushed to slow Wednesday afternoons, spent listening to the radio, in the heart of Maycomb County, Alabama, an imaginary district in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ (one of my favorite novels). I caught a glimpse of Atticus reading the paper whilst Scout curls up on his lap. Of course, it was ‘The Alabama Register.’ But, still, you get the point. I found a paralell. This woman was sipping on a Starbucks drink and reading the newspaper in the midst of what I’m sure was a busy work day. Minutes passed and the distractions of everyday life creeped back in. Cell phones rang, cars pulled out of the lot, the day went on.

I say all of that to say… I’m eighteen and I think that I finally have learned and understand who I am. I’m an old soul and a dreamer.

I would also like to add that adults treat me nicer when I am wearing nice clothes.

I’m a dreamer. I seem to always be thinking about what it would be like to grow up during the second World War or in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. My mind tries to imagine what the energy would feel like running through my bones. I truly wonder what it would be like to listen to a Frank Sinatra record (during his time), on the floor of my parents’ living room, past my bedtime- like how it is in the movies. Sometimes, I imagine myself marching in a peaceful protest for Civil Rights. OH MY WORD! ( <— Used for emphasis because I just jumped in my seat due to excitement) I can just imagine myself at one of The Beatles’ first concerts in America. Wow. That would be quite the experience.

A time machine sounds pretty cool right about now.

Quite often I ponder my 40’s. How they feel + what they’ll look like. I have some ideas.

Sometimes I feel like Africa is calling my name. I imagine myself living in a tin hut. Other times, I debate with myself in my head if I want 3 or 6 kids in my suburban, ranch style home with a wonderful porch & large, flat green yard. But, then somedays I dress really nice (like a business woman or something) and imagine myself walking the streets of Manhattan.

I think that the cool thing is that we’ll never know. Not until it hits us. We’ll wake up, roll over and one day be forty- with no warning. At least that’s how I’ve imagined it. So, for now, we get to sit in our math classes, our beds, and our cars and wonder. Just sit and wonder. To some that might be agonizing, but for me it is promising. I also think that dreaming comes easier to some than others. Some of you might be reading this entry and think that I have gone NUTS. But, fortunately, my mind is prone to wonder. For that, I am forever grateful.

What are your aspirations?

– From the girl who loves yellow



  1. bella says

    I’ve only read one blog post and I’m already hooked (partially because I adore the color yellow). The words on my screen are filling up my mind and soul…thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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