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the weeknd

As a teenager, I find it difficult to pass up opportunities to go out. I think that inside of me, I have a fear of missing out or being left out. That’s just how it is.

Last year, I discovered that Friday nights, spent at home are my favorite (yes, I really do mean that).

This year, I have become a full-fledged homebody.

Our minds and bodies need rest. Sure, eight hours of sleep most nights is sufficient, but some extra rest + relaxation here and there simply cannot hurt.

I’ve found that leaving my phone out of the Friday night equation = PEACE. Give yourself a well deserved break from emails, Snapchats, and texts! Be present with yourself and the moment that you’re in.

What to wear & What do to :

One. Grab that book that you’ve been meaning to read or head over to your local bookstore and pick out a title that tickles your fancy… & THEN GET READING!

Three. Take a walk

Two. Put on comfy clothes (your favorite vintage tee that was a steal @ Goodwill)

Three. Order a pizza

Four. Light a candle

Five. Curl up in your favorite blanket

Six. Find a good record or Spotify playlist

Seven. Crank the stereo

Eight. Grab that pint of ice cream from the freezer (yes, you’ll probably finish it in a couple sittings… or two… or one… no shame.)

Nine. Turn on your current Netflix obsession and say goodbye to your Friday night. Before you know it, the light will creep in and Saturday morning will be sure to greet you!

– From the girl who wears yellow

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