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motivation monday… a day late

I often find myself lost in the monotony of my ‘everyday.’ Lacking inspiration or motivation, I fall into a downwards spiral towards towards Netflix documentaries and drive-throughs. In this past year, I’ve learned that productivity leads to a path of peace (at least for me). I’ve found joy in novels, writing, drinking herbal tea and conversation. Obviously, rest and solitude are wonderful and very much needed. However, I found getting out and shaking up the ‘everyday routine’ has led to growth. Lately, I’ve been getting off the couch and driving to Starbucks, or the library. Grab that novel that you’ve been meaning to start, and head over your favorite park, and GET LOST (books rock).

I have always been an independent gal. Personally, I enjoy sitting alone at coffee shops and running errands alone. Being alone makes me feel like an adult… I cannot wait to be an adult. I say that now, but give it five years- I’m almost positive that I’ll want to take that statement back. But, for now, I’ll dream of the city and independent living (well, probably with a couple of roommates but never mind that).

Find what recharges your mind. It’s entirely different for each and every one of us. For some it could be taking a walk, and for others it’s playing an instrument or reading a book. Our minds work 24/7. Think about it, our brains are workaholics!!! We’ve gotta treat them every once and a while. I’m a firm believer in recharging. So, do not feel bad for telling the ladies and gents that you are taking a day off- A DAY FOR YOURSELF! YES! YOURSELF! Take that afternoon and claim your seat at Starbucks- you’ll be shocked at how much you’ll accomplish.

I encourage each and every one of you to find a creative outlet. Meaning, do anything other than sit on your telephone. ANYTHING. I BEG YOU! Search locally for service opportunities! Selflessness is always in, my friends.

Do your research- find a topic or subject that interests you. In this past year, I’ve dug into environmental issues- specifically agricultural sustainability and water scarcity. I am continually amazed by how many people are willing to dive in head first to end the water crisis!!! I just recently read a book called “Garbology.” Point being, find something that interests you + hit the ground running! Let’s broaden our horizons together.

I find myself walking on a path of tediousness, asking myself “how did I get here?” In the past couple of months, I’ve chosen to veer off that path. Let me tell you, my mental and physical health have drastically improved, not to mention my overall wellbeing. So, do yourself a favor and get moving. What interests you?

– From the girl who loves yellow

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