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hi. hello. what’s up, july?



what’s up?

i’m currently typing away- listening to lany’s new album, surrounded by clothes, books i’ve yet to read, and a room that is in desperate need of a deep clean.


since i’ve talked to you last… i believe i’ve graduated high school, been to the beach, read quite a few new books, and traveled to my soon to be new home (LYNCHBURG, VA)!!! i’ve got nothing but heart eyes for this summer. i’m halfway through- and LIVING MY BEST LIFE.


yeah… ^^^ that happened. i felt the need to share that. hold on one sec… i’m going to get sentimental here. i am extremely proud of my sister. lauren marie is one of the most hard working chicks out there… she’s pretty dang cool, too. she is following His calling and did every single thing that it took to get there. she fought so hard to get to australia and she’s there. living it up. i’m seeing the fruit in her life that comes straight and only from Christ.

like a wise man once said, ‘When the praises go up, the blessings come down.’ 😉


okay!!! back to college talk.

let me tell you- there is something LIBERATING about receiving your college id… WHO’S WITH ME? i feel like adulthood is creeping up on me. THAT IS ONE STRANGE FEELING!

i’d love to share some of the photos i took whilst in lynchburg. this trip was the first time that i really got to enjoy the town itself. my friend grace, her mother, and i took a stroll during golden hour. i truly haven’t felt at peace in quite a while- that quiet afternoon was just what i needed! walking along the streets with clear blue sky and a nice breeze was AMAZING. and hey- honey lavender iced tea just gained its newest fan (p.s. – it’s me).

here are a couple of photos from 6.25.17 —

visiting lynchburg was quite the spur of the moment event. at first, i had planned on skipping out on orientation. but, i am so very pleased with the decision that i made. visiting lynchburg one last time before move in day, made me fall in love with the little town all over again. people fascinate me. i thoroughly enjoyed making new friends and hearing about their lives & how they landed in lynchburg!

i had intended this post to be sort of a ‘catch up on where t hol is at’ thing- but it seems to be turning into more of a ‘taylor goes to orientation’ entry.


i have four blog posts that i’ve yet to finish nor publish. those are going to be hitting the inter webs here very soon. i’m excited to share my brain with you all. i’ll be traveling some in these next couple of weeks and then i’m headed off to camp. that being said- there will probably be an influx of entries on here in the near future.

starbucks drink of the summer green drink that resembles shrek that is always in my hand :: matcha lemonade (two scoops of matcha) i’m addicted. it’s fine. i’m fine.

thanks for following along.

i am grateful to have friends that want to read my thoughts.

until next time.

– from the girl who loves yellow

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